Free Online Audio Spectrum Analyzer
Quick & easy live analyzer for your audio files

Maztr's free online Audio Spectrum Analyzer is a quick and easy tool you can use right in your browser, without downloading any software, to analyze the sound frequency spectrum from your audio files in real time. No account or login is required to use it.

Our Audio Spectrum Analyzer can show you the live frequency spectrum output as you listen to your music. You can stop and start the output at any time during playback. Want to print a full image of the sound frequency spectrum of your audio files? Click here to use our free Audio Frequency Viewer.

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How do I use the Audio Spectrum Analyzer?

  1. The Spectrum Analyzer automatically loads a demo file when it first opens. You can simply click the button to play the demo.
  2. To play your own audio file, click the orange button to select a file from your device.
  3. Next, click the button to see the Spectrum Analyzer output in real time as the file plays.
  4. The Analyzer defaults to a Logarithmic Scale, however you can switch to a linear scale by unchecking the check box.

Why do I need an Audio Spectrum Analyzer?

An Audio Spectrum Analyzer is a game-changer for audio-related tasks. It's a powerful tool that visually dissects audio into its frequencies, helping you refine your sound, detect issues and unleash its true potential. With visualized frequency components, you can better understand your audio signals, revealing hidden details that our ears can't perceive. From music production to podcast tweaking, this tool can help you improve your audio output significantly.

What information is shown in the Spectrum Analyzer output?

What is a Logarithmic Scale?

A Logarithmic Scale transforms sound frequencies for better human perception. Unlike a linear scale, it compresses higher frequencies and expands lower ones, providing a balanced representation of the entire range. This feature helps users gain a better understanding of the signals contained in an audio file.