About Maztr

Maztr was established in 2016 by a group of audio engineers and musicians who saw the need to help the home recording artist master songs and podcasts in the cloud — For FREE.

Our intelligent algorithms can make your tracks sparkle, but unlike some services, you have full control. Check out our latest video to get an overview of our service.

Click here to find out how Maztr works, try our FREE audio resources or scroll down for more information. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

Drag-and-Drop Uploads

That's right, just drag and drop your tracks into Maztr and we'll do the rest. All you have to do is set up your project and then listen when we're done.

Projects & Cloud Storage

Stay organized by grouping your tracks into projects and keep backups in the cloud. Projects are like custom rack presets that you can create, save and reuse.

Software Meets Creativity

Maztr doesn't make all your decisions for you like some other automated mastering software. Grab the controls, get creative and make your master shine.

Mastering in the Cloud

Drag your mixdown into a Maztr project to get amazing sounding tracks. Login to Maztr to download your tracks from anywhere with an internet connection and keep backups of your masters in the cloud. Get unlimited 192k MP3 masters for FREE or upgrade to get unlimited 320k MP3 and unlimited 16-bit or 24-bit WAV masters.

A litte control, or a lot - you decide.

We believe software shouldn't stand in your way. Maztr uses intelligent algorithms paired with your settings to determine the ideal effects chain to make your mixes shine like the pros. Don't let a robot make your decisions for you - you have control to tweak your final master however you'd like.

Intelligent Design

Maztr is designed with the home recording artist in mind. Our intelligent algorithms are built to understand what you want based on your project settings and to get the best sound out of your recordings.

Take Creative Control

Although Maztr will analyze your track, you can also choose a genre, intensity and custom EQ settings if you want more control over the mastering process. Dont' get a generic sound, create your own sound!

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Stream and share your tracks

Maztr can help you stream and share your tracks. Pro Plus Accounts can have their own public web page for each track. To set this up, just enable web pages in your track settings. Click here to find out more or click here to see examples.

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