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Who is Maztr?

Maztr was established in 2016 by a group of audio engineers and musicians who saw the need to help the home recording artist master songs and podcasts in the cloud — For FREE. Our intelligent algorithms can make your track sparkle, but unlike some services, you have full control. Check out our latest video to get an overview of our service.

Maztr is for recording artists everywhere. Create and be free.

What is mastering?
Why do I need mastering?
Does Maztr really work?
Can I try Maztr before I buy?
Are there any commitments?
Do I need a credit card?
What Plans do you offer?
Can I change my Plan?
Can I master just a single track?
  1. If you already have a free account, click the "Upgrade Track" button in your Project to get all the Pro Plus features for your chosen track.
  2. If you don't have an account, click here to jump straight in and master a Hi-Res track. This option allows you to master a track up to 300MB in size with all the Pro Plus features.
Both options cost a one-time $4.99 fee to master that one track.

Can I master 16-bit WAVs?
What quality are your masters?
How many tracks can I master?
How much track storage will I get?
What is the maximum file size for my tracks?
How long will you store my tracks?
Do you offer discounts or special offers?
What payment methods do you accept?
What audio file format do you recommend for Mastering?
My audio files are in a different format. How do I convert them to MP3 or WAV?
Can I remaster my old MP3 music library?
Can I resell masters I make?
Do I have to credit Maztr on my releases?
Can I stream and share my tracks?
How do I master a track?
Click Create Project Enter details & click Create Project Click Upload Wait for mastering Click Preview or right click MP3/WAV to download mastered file.
Need More Detail?
Click here for more detailed instructions.

How do I download my completed masters?
How do I change the settings for a track I've already mastered?
How do I access your free Audio Resources?
How do I get unrestricted access to your Audio Resources?
What devices do you recommend to use Maztr tools and resources?
How do I remove advertising when using my Account?

Paid Accounts

Do you offer refunds?
How do I change my credit card or payment method?
What happens if my credit card payment is declined?
How do I cancel ongoing payments?
I had a Maztr subscription but I downgraded to a Free Account. Can I upgrade again?
If I upgrade again, can you restore my old masters?
I have a Hi-Res Single Track Account. How do I upload more tracks?


What browsers and devices do you recommend to use Maztr's services?
I'm having problems using one of your resources. What can I do to fix it?
  • Special characters in filenames such as ( ) # $ % often cause problems. Possible solution – rename files to remove these characters before uploading them.
  • There may have been a connection problem when you were trying to upload a file. Possible solution – try again during a non-peak period.
  • There may be an issue with your web browser settings or device compatibility. Possible solution – try a different browser or device. Our systems generally work better with non-mobile devices. Some smartphones and tablets may have insufficient memory or less capable browsers.
  • If you have a firewall, it may be interfering with the process. Possible solution – turn off the firewall temporarily.
  • The resource may not have been able to read the data in your files or they're not in compatible format. This may be temporary, so please try again.
If you continue to have problems, please contact us and we’ll try to guide you through other possible solutions. For example, paid users can send us files directly so we can process them manually and diagnose the problem first hand.

I have a paid Maztr account but I can't access all the Audio Resources features.