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These are some of our favorite books about Audio Mixing, Mastering and Home Recording. They are designed to be downloaded and read instantly using any of the following devices:

Audio Mastering Secrets

Audio Mastering Secrets is one of the first audio mastering books on the market that focuses entirely on How to master audio to radio quality standards, all from the comfort of your home studio. No expensive gear required to get amazing results! ...

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Complete Audio Mastering: Practical Techniques

Learn the art of professional audio mastering"Gebre Waddell covers this all-important subject in greater depth than has ever been done in a book." - Dave Collins, mastering engineer for The Nightmare Before Christmas ...

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Audio Mastering: The Artists

Audio Mastering: The Artists collects more than twenty interviews, drawn from more than 60 hours of discussions, with many of the world's leading mastering engineers. In these exclusive and often intimate interviews, engineers consider ...

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Audio Mastering - Essential Practices

(Berklee Guide). Improve the sound of your recordings. Mastering is the art of optimizing recorded sound, finding the ideal volume levels and tonal quality, and insuring data integrity necessary to produce a professional-quality duplication and ...

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Pro Audio Mastering Made Easy: Give Your Mix a Commercial Sounding Finish Without Buying More Gear

Most people don't have access to racks of high end mastering equipment, you're probably one of them. With the growing popularity of websites like SoundCloud and YouTube, having the skills to do a decent job of your own audio mastering is becoming ...

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Understanding Mastering: Tips and Tools

This eBook is a tool to help you understand the process of mastering audio for yourself. The book has handy tips and screenshots of plugins in use and features ten chapters on the main aspects of mastering audio. If you're looking for a guide to ...

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The Mastering Engineer's Handbook Fourth Edition

Audio mastering is the final step in the audio production process, polishing the recording's final mix and prepping it for release and distribution. This fourth edition of Bobby Owsinski's classic The Mastering Engineer's Handbook is a the ...

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Practical Mastering

Guiding you through the history and emergence of modern mastering techniques, then providing practical hints and tips on how to use them in your set up, Practical Mastering is the book for anyone interested in tackling this elusive art form ...

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Top 40 Music Books

You often hear about "Top 40" music, but have you thought about "Top 40" music books? We asked some of our musicians and engineers to nominate their favorite books about music and musicians. Some titles are a bit eclectic, but here's the Top 40 List they came up with, in no particular order ...

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