Free Online Audio File Cleaner
Quick & easy cleaner for your audio files

Maztr's free online Audio File Cleaner is a quick and easy tool you can use right in your browser, without downloading any software, to make your audio files sound better. No account or login is required to use it.

The Audio File Cleaner is designed for users who don't want to sign up for an account and want an audio tool they can use quickly, on the fly. It can sharpen your audio files, maximize the volume and increase quieter sections to give a richer, fuller sound.

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    (Sharpens audio file by reducing signal-to-noise ratio. Maximizes volume and increases quieter sections of file.)

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.wav or .mp3
Max size: 50MB
(Upgrade to Pro - Get 300MB)

Download Cleaned File

After you upload an audio file, you will be able to download your cleaned file here.

How does the Audio File Cleaner work?

It can sharpen your audio files by reducing their signal-to-noise ratio. You can use it to maximize the volume and increase quieter sections of your audio files to give a richer, fuller sound. It also gives you the option to convert between stereo and mono, increase the audio playback speed (tempo) by up to 50% and convert the MP3 bitrate up or down between 64kbps and 192/320kbps.

What does Compand mean?

Companding allows you to compress or expand the dynamic range of the audio - the difference between the loudest and quietest sounds in your mix. If your mixed audio seems too loud at some points but too quiet at others, companding may help you.

What does Normalize mean?

Audio normalization increases the overall volume of a recording by a fixed amount so that it reaches a target level in dB. This level increase is applied to the full duration of the audio file. If your mixed audio doesn't seem loud enough, normalization may help you.

If I use the Speed Increase option, does this also increase the pitch?

No, it increases the audio playback speed but not the pitch. If you want to change the pitch, try our Audio Pitch Editor.

Can I use the Audio File Cleaner for my podcasts?

Yes, it works particularly well with podcasts, which are often too slow, use unnecessary stereo, and vary considerably in volume as well as dynamic range.

If I use the Audio File Cleaner, do I still need mastering?

The Audio File Cleaner is not designed to replace our Mastering process. If you want the best results, we recommend you register for one of our accounts which have a much wider range of advanced "state of the art" Mastering tools, such as Equalizers, Compressors and Limiters, to make your songs and podcasts really shine.

Does the Audio File Cleaner have any usage limits?

Yes, the following limits apply based on your Maztr Subscription: