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How To Choose A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

I've decided to post this article because so many people have asked me for help choosing a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). I'm not a professional musician. Music is my hobby, my passion, and that gives me a good, hands-on feel for the things that work for the average person. First off, there is no best DAW. No one can suggest the best daw for you. There are usually one or two you're good at, then there's everything else. Once you choose your DAW, I recommend you stick with it. Whatever the rea...

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Help with Genres

I'm trying to choose the right genre using the Simple interface but there isn't an exact match for my track. It's an older track that I'm trying to refresh. What do the various genres do and does it matter which genre I choose? Thanks, Brad RESPONSE FROM MAZTR First of all, thanks for using our service.Our various preset Genres are fairly broad based on the experiences of our audio engineers. They work for a majority of tracks in each Genre, but they’re only a guide – a set of la...

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How To Stream And Share Tracks

I want to put up a webpage so I can stream and share my tracks. Please send me details about how to do that. Thanks, Richard D RESPONSE FROM MAZTR First of all, thanks for using our service. Our "Share Track" system can help you publish your tracks on a web page or playlist so you can stream and share any or all of them with your audience. You can also add customized "Track Notes" for each track and there's a contact form so your audience can contact you if they wish. You can see examples h...

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