Free Online Drum Machine
Create your own drum beats

Maztr's free online Drum Machine helps you create your own drum beats using a wide range of settings. You can experiment with up to 15 drum kits and 26 effects, and hear changes in real time as you adjust the settings.

To get started, click the button below to hear a demo. We have five demos to help you get a better idea of the possibilities using the Drum Machine. When you're ready, click the button and create your own beats using the drum panel.

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Drum Panel

Tom 1
Tom 2
Tom 3


Effect Level
Kick Pitch
Snare Pitch
Hi-Hat Pitch
Tom 1 Pitch
Tom 2 Pitch
Tom 3 Pitch


Beat Demos

Save Your Beat

To save your beat, simply copy the data below into a text file. To load the beat later, click the Load button then paste the data from your text file into the blank window.

Load Your Beat

Paste your beat data into the blank window below and click OK.

How do I use the Drum Machine?

  1. The Drum Machine automatically loads a demo beat when it first opens. You can simply click the button to play the demo. Click the button to stop.
  2. You can select and play any of the other demos by clicking the numbered buttons.
  3. To create your own sound, click the button then use the drum panel to enter your beats. You can enter Tom, Hi-Hat, Snare and Kick beats. Click once for a half beat and twice for a full beat.
  4. Next, choose your settings and effects such as drum kit, sound effects and level, pitch and tempo. You can experiment with up to 15 drum kits and 26 effects. You can click and drag the sliders, or use your finger on a touch screen.
  5. Finally, click the button to play your beat.
  6. If you want to save your beat, click the button and copy your beat data. You can save it in a text file to reload your beat another time.

Why do I need a drum machine?

A drum machine is a vital tool for musicians, offering versatility, convenience and precise rhythm. Its programmable features allow for customized beats, patterns and sounds suited to any musical style. By ensuring consistent timing and accuracy, it provides a solid foundation for recordings and live performances. With a wide range of built-in sounds and editing capabilities, a drum machine unleashes creativity and opens up endless possibilities for musical exploration.

What are tom, hi-hat, snare and kick?

Tom, hi-hat, snare and kick are essential components of a drum kit, also known as a drum set. Tom drums, or tom-toms, provide deep tones and dynamics, hi-hat cymbals create a metallic sound, and snare and kick drums establish the rhythmic foundation. Together, they shape the overall sound and drive the groove of drum patterns, allowing musicians to create captivating rhythms and enhance the musical experience.

What is tempo?

Tempo refers to the speed at which beats are played. It sets the rhythm and energy of the music, with slower tempos creating a relaxed vibe and faster tempos increasing intensity. By adjusting the tempo, a drum machine allows musicians to establish the desired mood and adapt to different musical styles.

What is swing?

Swing refers to the rhythmic manipulation that adds a subtle sense of groove and human-like swing to the beats. By adjusting the timing of certain notes within a pattern, swing creates a lively and dynamic rhythm, replicating the natural variations of live drumming. It enhances the musicality and adds a unique flavor to the composition.

What is pitch?

Pitch refers to the highness or lowness of drum sounds. It allows musicians to adjust the tonal characteristics, shaping the overall sound. By manipulating the pitch, drum machines create variations in timbre and texture, providing versatility in musical styles.