Free Online Audio File Denoiser
Quick & easy noise reduction for your audio files

Maztr's free online Audio File Denoiser is a quick and easy tool you can use right in your browser, without downloading any software, to reduce background or ambient noise in your music and sound files. No account or login is required to use it.

Our Audio File Denoiser can reduce persistent background sounds such as hum, hiss, rumble and crackle from sources such as audio recording equipment, electronic interference or simply background noise in the room. It also gives you the option to convert the bitrate up or down between 64kbps and 192/320kbps. Maztr Pro users can also download the output in wav format, and have a 500MB maximum file size.

The Denoiser is designed for users who don't want to sign up for an account, but want an audio tool they can use to reduce background noise from their music and sound recordings quickly, on the fly.

Please note that this Audio File Denoiser can't reduce occasional or irregular noises such as individual clicks and pops, and is not designed to replace our Mastering process. If you want the best results, we recommend you register for one of our accounts which have a much wider range of advanced "state of the art" Mastering tools to make your songs and podcasts really shine.

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Enter Settings

Select Audio File:

  • Sensitivity:
    (Sets the level of sensitivity in the sampling rates. Level 1 is recommended to start, however some audio files may need a higher level to reduce noise.)

  • Output Format:

  • Bitrate:

.wav or .mp3
Max size: 50MB

Download Denoised File

After you upload an audio file, you will be able to download your denoised file here.